Simple. Modern. Accessible.

Inspired by fashions worn by the most stylish couple we’ve ever known, we seek to recreate the style legacy of our beloved Binks and Franny by making vintage modern.

Whether a treasured item from decades past or a classic reproduction from a previous season, we strive to present vintage pieces that seamlessly incorporate themselves into your wardrobe, facilitating the creation of a timeless style unique to you.

With great care we lovingly present carefully selected, no-two-are-alike pieces you will want to wear now and the collections we curate are intended to be properly enjoyed rather than cautiously stored, restored, put on display or ‘saved for good’.

Binks and Franny loved life, loved style, and celebrated both with reckless abandon.  It is our hope these collections inspire you to do the same.

Laissez les bons temps rouler…

~Susan & Amanda